Business Inquries

Offset Guide is a new way to experience travel. It’s a content and experiential platform at the intersection of creative tourism and fashion.


A Platform of Services

The platform will allow users to live and discover the city through the eyes of various fictional and real-world characters, whose different passions, visions, attires, and attitudes help paint the city in new light. ​

Representing & Featuring Brands

Brands seeking to collaborate with Offset Guide can expect prime real estate on our city guides. Featured brands will also gain access to our audiences as well as authentic campaigns designed by our team of expert storytellers, social media influencers and artists.

Partnering with Models & Influencers

Our product derives its signature look from the input of top personalities in fashion, travel, health, and design. Every stop, bite, and tip is curated by a network of influencers.


Work with us. If you are a brand or relator interested in working with us, please send all inquiries to