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She has an eye for detail and is passionate about modern art and pop culture. She loves to explore places that encourage her to unleash her creative energy.

With flavors and practices from Japan, India, Mexico and Thailand, satisfy your wanderlust with a culinary and spiritual journey through a true cultural melting pot, experience the city as a hippie would!

From sifting through iconic book collections and artifacts at public libraries and museums, to an immersive theater piece or a cocktail at a piano bar that takes you back in time, discover the city as a Nerd would.

A classic movie under the stars, rowing on Central Park’s Lake and a romantic lunch for two in a quintessentially European setting. Fill your heart and soul with the magic of the city like a lover would!

From a thrilling escape room with other curious souls, to a blood pumping self-defense class, or dinner in a secret underground restaurant, take on the city as a Spy would.

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